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Who are we? The IT project partner!

master-studios is a software engineering company in Vienna and Lower Austria in the fields of Cloud and Server Applications, AI and App software development. We are the partner for your IT project.

Business Development
Conception / Requirements Engineering
Planning and Development

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Why we matter?

Software development is art and we focus on delivering high quality code and other important artifacts to ensure that you have control over your software and your IT.

To get the best solution for your needs it is important to know the problem and not a programming language.

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Why Code Quality matters?

Reduce effort in maintenance with code quality!

If you have a durable software product maintaining code can be expensive. Having a high code quality drastically reduces maintenance costs.

If you have a growing software developer team introducing the existing code base to new coders takes time. Having a high code quality reduces the amount of time a software developer needs to start coding.

If you have an agile development process changing requirements are expensive. A good software architecture with a high code quality enables flexibility and reduces time and cost for change requests.

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Want to improve your existing code base?

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Why requirements matter?

Minimize far-reaching consequences with well defined requirements!

The earlier a mistake or wrong decision is made the more negative impact it has to your project. Mostly those consequences can be avoided by making information explicit and defining requirements no matter how banal they sound.

A wrong database design has also a huge impact on the whole system performance. A correct usage of all tools is necessary.

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Why Software/Cloud Architecture matters?

Reduce maintenance cost by using a cloud based architecture!

Todays state-of-the-art technologies like Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure Cloud and Google Cloud Platform enable IT service providers to nearly completely outsource server maintenance with minimal cost. There is enough work left inside your IT landscape without this overhead.

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License your software products!

License your software product with our Shopware 6+ plugin. Integrate our library in your product and verify the users license. The user uses his account from your webshop to access the licenses he bought. A Java lib is available. For further libraries (Swift, ObjC, PHP, …) please contact us.

Bitcoin Crypto Forensics and Analysis Open Source Tool

We developed a Bitcoin Transaction Forensics and Analysis tool. We open sourced this software. If you need more information about this tool or installation support please contact us.