Chinese Blockchain Ecosystem

In China 30.688 blockchain related companies are official registered. Most of them (77%) were founded during the last two years and are located in Guangdong. The average investment in one such a company starts at one million Yuan up to ten million yuan which is about 125.000 EUR up to 1,25 million EUR. There are 983 companies which got an investment of more than 12,5 million EUR. A great example is The company focuses on developing Blockchain technologies and other one like cloud, big data and AI.

Other two examples are the company called PB Holding Their research & development department is currently heavily working on Blockchain technologies with an investment of 170 million Yuan (21,25 million EUR). At the moment there is no further information available. Further the company Tianyancha is investing into the area of Blockchain and seems to only focus on that. They invested 90 million Yuan (12,5 million EUR) in R&D. Their website is not viewable from outside of China.